Ever Blanco Valverde

  Imagery has proven to be my most amenable vehicle for translating inner vision into something more concrete; there is a narrative communication about the sequence of my work. As a visual artist I address ecological and social  issues by taking clues from human behavior; the way we relate to each other and the world we inhabit, I aim to challenge sentimentality by probing the sensitive areas of relationship between chaos and order, individual and group, spiritual practice and daily life.

  During the building of a piece, I proceed through a series of sketches to a full-sized drawing. A drawing often leads to other surfaces in the form of painting or sculpture. The technique generally consist of constructing and deconstructing though layers of media. Using materials such as charcoal, oil, clay, found objects, etc. Layers and surface are direct methods of expression that I use; therefore the resulting image reflect the different voices of my process.

  The linear quality of my product invites the viewer to read between the lines. On the making; line has the qualities of light, and tone those of mood. I feel an image is complete when light and mood play a fair balance, which can in turn lead to objective representation of my experiences.

Contact the artist:

E-mail: everblanco.com@gmail.com
The Out side In Gallery.

Email: art@theoutside.in  
Price samples on page 3,
The Outside In
(845) 3980706

Ever Blanco Valverde.
Ever Blanco Valverde born in San Vito- Costa Rica.

Moves to New Jersey, USA.

Attends Passaic County Community College, NJ.
(GED and ASL) completion.

Kripalu School of Yoga. Lenox MA.
Summie Painting.
Art Students League. NYC.
Student, Member and Class Monitor (T.A.)

Samples of his work are published on ASL catalog
and  ASL Linea Magazine. 

Art Students League of NY
Concourse Shows Gallery and Monitors Shows.

Completes Residency at Vytlacil Campus. 
Sparkill, NY.

Obtains Gallery Representation.
The Outside In Gallery. Piermont, NY.

First  Solo Show. (The New Vigilante).
Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center. NYC.

Solo Show. (La Finca)
Costa Rica Embassy in NYC.

Museum Exhibits and Group Shows.
Katonah Museum of Art. NY.
Morris Graves Museum of Art. Eureka CA
National Arts Club. (Silver Point Show and Book Publication) NYC.
University of Eastern New Mexico.
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery. NYC.
Luhring Augustine Gallery. NYC. 

Human Dissection Studies 
New York City College.
Solo Show.(The Care Takers)
Conference Board Building. NYC.

Group Shows.
The Metropolitan Pavilion, Affordable Art Fair. (NYC) (series of ten paintings)
Morris Graves Museum of Art. Eureka CA.
Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Museum. NY.
Silver-Point Show (National Arts Club, NYC)
Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. Atlanta, GA
The Outside In Gallery (Early Bird, series of ten paintings)
Rufus ( Montclair Museum of Art and cover book by Amanti wines labels)
National Academy Museum (Creative mischief)  
Solo Show (The Innocents)
Chashama Gallery 266 W 37th St. NYC​

"Valverde tames the wild and chickens are painted as royalty..." -The Village Voice.

​Solo Show (Our Beloved) 
Interchurch Center Galleries   475 Riverside Drive, NYC

Residency Program and Solo Show (From Lobao da Beira)
Arterra, Tondela Portugal.

Solo Show (Bestiary)
The Outside In Gallery.

People and Paintings 
Group Show.

Hoboken Museum of Art
Permanent Collection

Costa Rica Consulate New York City
Public Display (Aqua-Tica Series)

​Costa Rica Embassy Washington D.C.
Public Display (Aqua-Tica Series)
















2017. ​